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Agnes Table is a workshop-based practice where teaching and professional theatre artists, as well as artists from other disciplines, collaborate on specific projects and research and explore artistic interests and questions in an open, experimental forum. 

Founded in 2004, the workshop remains inspired by performer/auteur and studio-based collaborative devising models for making theatre, its beginnings forged with encouragement and guidance from the artistic directorship of Theatre de la Jeune Lune.

Originally named Misa Table, the workshop operated for several years under the production umbrella of Triptych Theatre. At the end of 2011, Triptych Theatre closed its operation, and the workshop  reorganized,  renaming itself Agnes Table.

Since 2011, Agnes Table has established its home base in New Hampshire, where the majority of its studio work has taken place over the years.  Many artists and supporters have contributed generously to the workshop and many continue to do so.


Why Agnes Table?

The name Agnes Table is a reminder that strong art emerges from keeping a mind that is open, spontaneous, dedicated, and playful.  Agnes is a direct nod to the life, work, and example of Agnes Martin, the abstract expressionist painter who died in 2004, and Table, its double meaning applied, points to the social importance of gathering for discovery.  Together, these words remind us of the power and privilege of art and collaboration.

A group of artists interested in collective research, writing, studio work, and performing.
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